2019 Competition Requirement / 比赛要求

 2019年比赛介绍 Competition Requirement




There will be two rounds of competition (Video Screening round and Finals) for Soloist categories. For the ensembles categories, there will only be one round of competitions.

Participants may repeat the repertoire for both Preliminary and Final rounds of Competition. Piano accompaniment is optional for the Preliminary round. However, piano accompaniment is a pre-requisite for the Finals.

The winners will be invited to participate in Master Class with international jury. They will also be participating in the Closing Ceremony Concert.

比赛项目 Competition Categories

弦乐独奏乐器:钢琴,小提琴, 中提琴,大提琴,长笛,木管

弦乐齐奏,重奏,弦乐团: 小提琴齐奏 (二重奏,三重奏,四重奏)室内乐组 (8 到21人)

管乐齐奏, 重奏,管乐团 : 木管/重奏(二重奏,三重奏,四重奏)铜管乐团(8 到21人)


  • Strings solo division: Piano/ Violin/ Viola / Cello/ Flute
  • Strings Ensemble division:
    • Violin/Cello Ensemble (duo, trio, quartet and more performers)
    • String Ensemble (8 to 21 performers)
  • Woodwind Ensemble(duo, trio, quartet and more performers)
  • Brass Ensemble/Band(8 to 21 performers)

If your chamber group comprises of a different instrument combination from the above, please email us for approval. 

For more information, please visit www.srimf.sg