Production 2
Production 2


“The mutual musical accompaniment, results in an exceptional connection that can only be expressed through music.“

Wunderkind String NEW music video is coming soon!

In this unprecedented time, a group of talented young violinists and a dedicated teacher decided to embark on a meaningful project by recording a CD and music video in the hope of spreading some winter joy to others..
Armed with music passions, and together with like-minded enthusiasts, it has been a joy and a great learning experience for these young violinists since they embarked on this project.

Wunderkind Young Soloists

Formed 2019 under the guidance of Ms Cindy Yan, WYS is made up of talented young award soloists between the ages of 11 and 23. Music is the source of unending joy and permeates every aspect of life for these young musicians. They have established a musical voice and were invited to perform at the Esplanade Youth Concert, which has resulted in many accolades. It is certain that Wunderkind Young Soloists will continue to delight more audience at future events.
“The world is a small place and we love new adventures and creativity.”
Our mission is to help gifted students to make their music dream become reality.