What sets our teaching apart is that it’s not about lessons—it’s a lifestyle. Students are important to us, and we care deeply about all aspects of their lives: musical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. After we accept a student, we will nurture each student as a person and develop his or her individual strengths and interests. We have a team of experienced teachers, committed to adapting their teaching to each and every individual.
In our Academy, students will find a secure yet stimulating environment in which to explore their boundaries. In return, we expect a high degree of commitment—starting with practice. Practice is the glue that links one lesson to the next.
Accompanied by a team of experts, the student is not alone. His or her musical journey abounds beyond the classroom. With masterclasses, workshops, and chamber music experience, each student takes away more than just how to play the instrument.
In the end, we want our students to play the violin with joy, confidence and passion, and to learn to live as generous, humble, triumphant people. We embark on the journey together.